About the Daddle

What in the name of all things sacrilegious does Daddle mean?

According to our trusty friend “The Urban Dictionary,” daddle means – to relax or chill on something or to dabble in an art form.

Daddling is exactly what I like to do. Daddle in writing. Daddle in speaking. Daddle in music.  I’m here to encourage you in your faith, challenge you through witty/biting commentary, and motivate you in the artform of life.  I am a musician, speaker, writer, fashionista, researcher, and student of life with a passion for the God and an itch for the obscure. Currently, much of my content focuses on lessons I’m learning through chronic illness, which I have been fighting for the last eight years.

The lifestyle section on this site contains tips and advice on your walk with God, socialization, and everyday life.  From learning to advance your conversation skills to dealing with death, I’m not afraid to offer support for every aspect of life.

The hope and chronic illness section is self-explanatory. If it isn’t explanatory enough, there is no hope for you.

The faith section is a compilation of the other two. Reiteration if you will. Or just a lack of conciseness. You choose.

Little thingies about me: I live in Colorado.  I love the outdoors. I like art and academics. Writing. Talking with friends and strangers, preferably over a beverage. Preferably chocolate milk. Watching documentaries. Making things. Lover of good comedy, specifically dark humor. I like petting fluffy animals. Scaley animals. All animals.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, insults, or diatribes, contact me here.

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