Brooklyn, a Colorado native, has a passion for people and the whole of creation. She shares of the faithfulness of God through the use of what can only be described as radical love. Brooklyn’s friends say that she is honest, joyful, Spirit-filled, and most of all, loving toward everyone she comes across.

Brooklyn uses her experience with chronic illness, Biblical studies, musical abilities, and knowledge of academia to inspire and engage her audiences. Though she is young, Brooklyn has a large variety of insights to share with both young and old because of the trials she has experienced. Brooklyn’s passion and love for Jesus allows her to instantly connect with anyone she meets and her study of communications helps her to teach others how to evangelize in their everyday lives.

Brooklyn started in ministry with the establishment of a nonprofit program when she was 14. The program, called Encouragers For Christ (EFC), had the goal of helping youth to grow their relationship with God, giving them opportunities to serve their community. It was with the establishment of this program that Brooklyn’s calling began to come into fruition.

Brooklyn expanded her ministry by speaking around her city at different churches, performing music and delivering sermons. Though Brooklyn’s main audience is teens and young adults, she also has great insights to offer woman and the church as a whole. Brooklyn feels at home as a speaker on stages for conferences, women’s events, youth events, tent revivals, retreats, and Sunday services.

The most unique aspect of Brooklyn’s ministry is her ability to personally connect with her audience. One of Brooklyn’s biggest passions is that of interpersonal communication and teaching youth how to be confident in sharing Christ with their friends.

Brooklyn’s musical style is often described as a mixture of soul/blues/pop/gospel, being compared to Artist such as Adele, Lauren Daigle, Colbie Caillat, and Christina Perry.



  • Award winning regional speaker
  • Former nonprofit program founder and director
  • Publisher and contributor of TheDaddle.com
  • Opener for international recording artist Russ Taff
  • Associates of Arts in General Studies
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Integrated Mass Communications and Non-Profit Organization Administration